We have collected frequently asked questions on this page. If you have concerns other than the sample questions below, don't hesitate to contact us by email! The email addresses are on the bottom of the page. It usually takes no longer than one working day for us to have a look at your question and reply.

Q1: Which platforms are supported?
A: We are currently supporting Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. iOS would be made available soon.

Q2: Where to download the games?
A: We work with TapTap - Android, Steam(Valve) - PC(Windows) and App Store(MacOS and iOS)
Q1: Are we planning to update the game content of the released ones?
A: We do have plans to update the old game contents. It usually take one to two month for us to make some update. The time may vary depend on the selling of the game.

Q2: What would the next game be about?
A: As the new games are still under development, we could have months developing the best quality we can to ensure the best game experience. When we have some updates on the releasing of new games, we would post our news on the home page.
Q1: How to contact Kayphoon Studio?
A: Please send emails to [email protected]

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